A Statewide Network For Biology Educators

Assistant Professor of Biology – Microbiology

GRCC is seeking faculty who possess an interest in working with diverse student populations
from a wide range of age, ethnicity, national origin and ability; engage in and develop innovative
teaching strategies; effectively assess student learning outcomes; demonstrate a commitment to
lifelong learning and professional development; and provide service to our students, the college,
and our community at large.

Faculty members are responsible to GRCC and to each other for the successful completion of
departmental work, as well as work associated with the School of Arts and Sciences and GRCC as
a whole. In addition to the major position responsibilities, it is expected that faculty demonstrate
outstanding communications skills, collaborate effectively, use personal initiative to overcome
obstacles and work efficiently to meet deadlines. In an environment where innovation is valued,
each faculty member will take responsibility to perform their work in a manner consistent with
both the letter and the spirit of GRCC values.

844_Assistant Professor of Biology-Microbiology

  • To promote an interest in biology.
  • To improve the teaching of biology by providing opportunities to share and discuss instructional techniques and teaching methods.
  • To provide opportunities for updates on current topics and trends in biology.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster communication, friendship and unity among the community college biologists in Michigan.