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Fall 2021 Adjunct Intro A&P Instructor – Montcalm Community College (Sidney)

BIOL105: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology This dual enrollment course may be taught completely by the adjunct (online lecture, face-to-face labs on Friday mornings (9:33 to 11:33 am) at Tri-County High School, Howard City MI) or the adjunct may be able to teach just the lab (M.S. not needed) and coordinate with a lecture instructor.
For more information about the course description, qualifications, pay, etc. please visit: https://www.montcalm.edu/about/employment/ and click on Part-time positions. Montcalm Community College (Sidney, MI) accepts applications on a rolling basis.
You can also reach out to Heather Wesp, Biology Faculty, (hwesp@montcalm.edu) with questions as well.  

  • To promote an interest in biology.
  • To improve the teaching of biology by providing opportunities to share and discuss instructional techniques and teaching methods.
  • To provide opportunities for updates on current topics and trends in biology.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster communication, friendship and unity among the community college biologists in Michigan.