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Fall 2021 Adjunct Intro A&PI Instructor – Oakland Community College (Orchard Ridge Campus)

We have an open adjunct position for an Anatomy and Physiology 1 at Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus. The section is in-person on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Please email Dr. Wendy Kuhn (wfkuhn@oaklandcc.edu) if you are interested in teaching this course.  Please include your CV/resume and transcript of courses taken (unofficial is fine) in your response. A description of the course is below.  

BIO 2630     Human Anatomy and Physiology I     4 Credit Hours

Equivalent: BIO 1630,BIO 1610

This course will analyze the structural and functional relationships of the human body at the biochemical, cellular, tissue, organ and system level. Emphasis will be placed on the identification of the major anatomical parts and physiological activities of the integumentary, skeletal (including articulations), muscular, and nervous (including special senses) system. The laboratory component of this course involves application of the concepts presented in lecture. This natural science course is also required for many health-related fields. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 6

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